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ACR Construction Services Team

ACR constructions services was founded in 2019 in a small warehouse by Ruben Ponce, Rick Jabour and Jose Angel Vega in Vacaville, California, and has a B General Building Contractor License number 1066191.

ACR’s range of services provided is focused mainly on hotel renovation, construction and electrical services.

Among all three, they have a vast aggregated experience that make ACR a resourceful company despite its youth. Let me describe each founder’s background to illustrate it.

ACR construction services office

Our Team

Ruben Ponce owner

Ruben Ponce

Has been in the hotel renovations business for more than 30 years. Having Ruben in our team ensures ACR’s ability to lead and execute sizeable hotel renovation projects. Ruben has already led renovation projects for multiple brands as Sheraton, Hilton, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express and Hampton Inn among others.

Rick Jabour

Is the founder qualifying ACR’s General Contractor’s License. His original license was issued in 1973. He was a custom home builder in the South Lake Tahoe area for 16 years and then moved to Vacaville. Since then, he has been in the remodeling business in the Bay Area.
Jose Angel owner

Jose Angel Vega

Has been working for 23 years as a professional industrial electrician, handling both high voltage as low voltage installations at Sidenor Gerdau, one of the largest steelmaker companies in the world.

As you can see our founders had good reasons to combine their multi-disciplinary expertise into ACR. They have extensive market references that will make you confident you’ll be working with professionals that master their trades, that have been consistently delivering high quality projects along the years and they’ll keep doing so for you in your hotel management business at your request. We’re really excited about what we have achieved as a team and we’re ready to take on new projects.

This is what we know how to do

We work all over California:

  • San francisco
  • Sacramento
  • Los Angeles 
  • Oakland
  • San Diego

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